Digitisation affects every business across all sectors, driving economic growth and business competitiveness. Our School of Engineering & Computer Science is amongst the largest, most established departments in the country. We currently offer a degree apprenticeship for Digital & Technology Solutions Professional, with a Data Science apprenticeship in development for 2019.

Digital & Technology Solutions Professional

A Digital & Technology Solutions Professional provides technology enabled solutions to internal and/or external customers, in a range of areas including software, business and systems analysis, cyber security, data analysis and network infrastructure.

This apprenticeship programme has Tech Industry Gold accreditation by Tech Partnership Degrees, the UK’s leading network of employers creating skills for the digital economy. The apprenticeship offers your employees a grounding in essential areas such as programming, operating systems and the human dimensions of computing, before allowing them to choose one of four specialist pathways: Cyber Security Analyst, Data Analyst, Network Engineer or Software Engineer.

Apprenticeship StandardDigital and Technology Solutions Professional
Apprenticeship Level6
QualificationBSc (Hons) Digital and Technology Solutions
Programme Duration3 to 4 years
DeliveryBlock and day release

In Development for 2019

Data Scientist

Data Science is a broad and fast-moving field spanning maths and statistics, software engineering and communications. Data Scientists find information in diverse datasets to address complex problems and improve organisational processes.

This course will provide your employees with the skills to take a creative approach to data science, enabling them to help business leaders make critical, data-driven decisions.

Apprenticeship StandardData Scientist
Apprenticeship Level6
QualificationBSc (Hons) Data Science
Programme Duration4 years
DeliveryBlended learning of block and day release