Knowledge Exchange Partnerships (HKEP)

Each Hertfordshire Knowledge Exchange Partnership (HKEP) is designed to enable your company to establish new capabilities, proof-of-concept for new products and/or services, or expand your business’ capacity and market.

A HKEP collaboration will last for four years; recruiting a PhD researcher to be placed within your company as well as receiving consultancy from a University of Hertfordshire academic as part of the package.

In year one of the HKEP the PhD researcher will undertake a commercially focussed project within your company. Upon completion a 3 year PhD research project will be undertaken in an area of interest to your company.

A commissioned HKEP comes with a significant subsidy to SME's that reduces the costs by two thirds (each project costs approximately £40,000 making a saving to your company of £80,000), the remaining balance of the project will be funded through the Hertfordshire Science Partnership.


  • PhD level, applied research projects leading to the introduction of new products or services to market
  • Consultancy from a University of Hertfordshire Academic throughout
  • New graduate talent working within your business during year one
  • Access to new research ahead of market
  • Research support on directly applicable business activity
  • Access to the specialist research facilities of the University for the duration of the HKEP project

Further information

Take a look at the open PhD Studentship opportunities and find information on applications and eligibility criteria.

*The cost is covered by a combination of funding from ERDF, LEP, University and the partner company.

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