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The Hertfordshire Science Partnership is an innovative collaboration between the University of Hertfordshire and Hertfordshire Local Enterprise Partnership with a focus towards supporting small and medium sized enterprises' (SMEs). It leverages the state-of-the-art facilities and academic expertise at the University to boost the dynamic agri-technology and life sciences sector in Hertfordshire.

Researchers within agriculture, food science and medicines development are linked with businesses, addressing a key gap in support for business-facing collaborative research that will generate the technologies suitable for later-stage innovation funds. It also fosters partnerships with world-renowned research institutions and is supported by Stevenage Bioscience Catalyst, BioPark and RoCRE Rothamsted.


  • Provide a strong pipeline of applied scientists in the region
  • Build and retain talent for the future prosperity of the county and wider region
  • Develop a new generation of research scientists
  • Create collaborative research partnerships with local, regional and national SME's
  • Support translational research and development in therapeutic and diagnostic sciences in Hertfordshire
  • Provide support for new therapeutic concepts with potential to be taken to market


The Hertfordshire Science Partnership’s project aims will be realised through three strands:

Our partners

The Science Partnerships comprises a diverse group of organisations committed to our goal.

Stevenage Bioscience CatalystHertfordshire Local Enterprise ParthershipsRoCRE

Our team

Darragh MurnameProfessor Darragh Murnane, Director, is the industry and academic lead for the Hertfordshire Science Partnership. Darragh has been instrumental in the initiative from inception on all aspects from recruitment to developing alliances and ensuring their success.

Professor Darragh Murnane's background is in Pharmacy, graduating from Trinity College Dublin and then going on to gain a PhD in Pharmaceutical Technology from Kings College London. His academic and research career spans Kings College to the University of Hertfordshire. In addition Darragh has been President of the Aerosol Society since 2013.

Professionally Darragh’s innate understanding of the value of alliances across disciplines and differing institutions have guided decisions on projects to engage with throughout his career.

Since beginning my academic career I have developed relations with a number of UK and international companies supporting internal research projects and full consultancy. I currently lead several international academic-industrial consortium projects with partners including Astra Zeneca, GlaxoSmithKline, 3M Healthcare, Harro Hoefliger, Constantia Flexibles, NanoPharm, as well as multiple academic institutions. I have worked extensively on both a consultancy and collaborative research basis with companies ranging all the way from small start-up enterprises to global suppliers, and I am always eager to see how our academic skills can introduce new perspectives and help companies grow.

Explaining why he choose to lead the Herts Science Partnership, Darragh confirmed his belief in the initiative’s goal to drive research and knowledge exchange within the pharmaceutical and agri-science sectors and in particular to provide access to students and/or small business that may otherwise be precluded from making breakthroughs due to cost or resource constraints.

I believe the partnership will offer new opportunities to a fresh pool of small/medium sized enterprises to access the exactly the same research and innovation activities that are often only available to large industries. Many companies are struggling to access funding and scientists to undertake the fundamental research that is needed to develop new products, and we’re aware there are many companies may currently be frustrated in their ambitions to develop innovative ideas and technologies. Our partners and the University feel strongly about this and our goal is the unlock opportunities to this otherwise hidden talent.

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The Hertfordshire Science Partnership team comprises:
Area of supportExpert
Industry and
Research and
Innovation fellows
  • Dr Ewelina Hoffman
  • Dr Lisa Gerstmann