Knowledge Exchange

Every business aiming to grow reaches a time when it needs to evolve.

Combining an exciting new problem with fresh minds to create something original is at the heart of knowledge transfer.

Collaborations between academic institutions and business foster innovation and stimulate growth. Its goal is to transfer expert know-how and skills into the company, and provide new challenges and ideas to the University.

What is Knowledge Exchange?

Knowledge Exchange is an exchange of learning that benefits all partners.

Businesses gain new expertise, be it in technology, design or process. Together with their academic partners, a company creates a new way of working, strengthening their future by bringing this new knowledge in-house and developing the talents of its people.

At the same time, these partnerships drive universities to new, up-to-the-minute research and contribute to teaching excellence.

Knowledge Exchange options

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Our expectations of the KTP were exceeded. Marketing is now integral to the functioning of the company.

John Moore, Finance Director

Secomak Limited