Geography and environment consultancy

Our Geography and Environmental consultancy team is a well qualified unit that is ready to help you transform your business and offers a range of services such as geographical information systems (GIS), social survey techniques, transport planning / travel plan design and implementation, ecological services and environmental management.

Our consultancy expertise in geography and environmental sciences focuses on:

  • Environmental management and assessment. Advice on sustainability strategy, environmental management systems, corporate environmental policies and environmental assessment.
  • Transport and travel planning. Tailored options including introductory and advanced training to develop your own organisational travel plan, bespoke travel plan design and ongoing development and implementation support.
  • Geographical information systems. A wide range of advice and expertise, including spatial analysis relevant to local government, geodemographics, aerial photographic analysis (including land use mapping creation and photogrammetric processing) and advanced data manipulation for information retrieval.
  • Geotechnical services. Desk studies and walkover surveys
  • Environmental monitoring and survey . Aquatic and freshwater environmental monitoring. Ecological surveys including Phase 1 Habitat, Surveys, River Corridor Surveys and River Habitat Surveys
  • Environmental problem-solving. Advice for businesses and government bodies in working towards solving the environmental challenges they face.
  • Environmental management of the food supply chain from farm to plate. A wide range of advice and consultancy on assessing and reducing environmental impacts including water, energy and carbon management, life cycle analysis and environmental impact assessment of supply chains and processes, communication with consumers and environmental labelling.

Our friendly and experienced team works closely with your organisation to provide solutions that help your business grow either by changing processes or by establishing new markets and new opportunities for development.

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Marketing analysis solutions and consulting

We’ve recently extended our services in order to provide cost and time effective management products, marketing analysis and solutions to small and medium sized enterprises locally. Our experts use Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to support your company through the use of mapping and spatial analysis techniques at your disposal to highlight local, regional or national market trends.

With the support of this data, we can provide detailed customer analysis reports, to help you make better short and long term business decisions.

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