Eye tracker

Optimise your customers' shopping experience with eye-tracking software

Eye tracking software us a customer experience tool designed to capture and analyse unconscious human behaviour. It can track a customer’s eye movements when interacting with both on-screen stimuli (such as websites) and objects in the environment (such as shop displays).

The University of Hertfordshire offers expert, tailor-made consultancy services, using eye-tracking technology to test, analyse, interpret and make recommendations to businesses.

Our services

Remote eye tracking

Eye tracking experiments can be used up to understand how customers interact with websites. It is part of the 'user testing process' and provides detailed analysis of websites with visual reports (heat maps) showing the average viewing times of each element on the screen.

Immersive eye tracking

Eye tracking glasses are used to walk around a physical space and record the buying decisions of a shopper. It is a popular tool for retailers as it highlights customer's unconscious decision-making process and the significance of the: physical location, packaging, branding and price play in purchasing decisions. It can also be used to look at advertising and promotional materials.

How can eye-tracking software benefit business?

  • Better understanding of consumer behaviour
  • Increased engagement with consumers
  • Evidence-based user testing
  • Focussed, reader-friendly analysis
  • Improved product positioning and supporting business growth

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