Law firms

Your requirement

As a law firm you will be well aware of the importance of managing documents properly: information is your most important asset and the success of your casework depends on being able to produce supporting evidence in court.

But are you still working with paper case files? Having trouble locating important documents? Spending too much time and money copying files for court and opposing parties?

Do you need an electronic document management system to ensure that your papers are online, instantly available, fully searchable and retention scheduled? Does it need integration with your case management data system to enable rapid access?

Are you scanning incoming documents and is that process as fast and efficient as it could be? Do your scanning procedures reach legal admissibility standards? Are you applying optical character recognition to make all content searchable and ensure that no papers are ever lost again?

If your documents are already online, are you happy with your information security? Did you know that many of the data leaks and losses that hit the press have involved law firms? Do you encrypt your laptops, USB sticks and emails? Have you banished faxing? Is there sufficient security around your networks and IT systems? Fines imposed by the Information Commissioner will cost you money but reputational damage may take longer to restore.

Our solution

Cimtech can help you define your Electronic Document Management requirements, review your current systems and procure new solutions.

We can define requirements for a new case management system and help decide whether it will include or integrate with EDM.

We can help with scanning processes, by defining and helping procure state-of-the-art capture systems and implementing quality control procedures to BS 10008 legal admissibility standards.

Information Security is another of our areas of expertise. Information Security is not only about IT; it is about staff recruitment and termination, use of contractors, building security, third party contracts and information sharing methods. We can review your current arrangements, identify risks and help you comply with the security standards appropriate to your business.

As one of the few truly independent advisers in this field you can be confident that our advice is sound, impartial and backed by years of experience and specialist expertise.