Higher and further education

Your requirement

Are you worried that your corporate records are going online without adequate organisation and governance? That your information management does not comply with public sector legislation? That your staff are using social networking sites and mobile devices to store corporate information?

Are you confident about your Data Protection and Information Assurance? Are your staff adequately trained? Could a misaddressed email or unencrypted laptop expose your institution to bad press and costly fines?

This is a crucial time for higher and further education. Student files are going online but need strong systems and good governance for long-term retention. Data Protection and Information Assurance are in the forefront of the news with every leak and loss. The Information Commissioner is clamping down on Data Protection breaches with ever increasing fines and has started auditing higher education institutions.

Research data is a hot topic at the moment. Open access requires papers to be published free to the user. Do you have an institutional repository to publish them in? The open data initiative requires research data to be retained and shared. Do you have a Research Data Management Plan for all your projects? What are the best systems, formats and metadata for digital preservation?

An Electronic Document and Records Management system could be the answer to many of your problems but could also become a long and expensive project. Could the costs and timescales be reduced? Would Microsoft SharePoint work out cheaper or would the add-ons make it as expensive as traditional EDRM?

Managing information in the education sector is not easy. It is not easy to apply governance to academic departments with their own budgets. Records managers are usually under-resourced and often fighting the rising tide of Freedom of Information requests on top of their RM job. A university or large FE college is a dispersed and complex organisation subject to constant change.

Our solution

Cimtech can help. We can carry out an information audit to find out where your information is and how it is managed. We can combine that with an information compliance and assurance review to find out where your information risks lie. We can help you with the policies and procedures, technology and training you need to improve your information management and reduce the risks.

If you are thinking of implementing EDRM or SharePoint we can deliver a Feasibility Study and Options Review which will examine the requirements, costs, benefits and risks of implementing a system and compare it with alternative solutions. If new technology proves to be the answer we can help you define and procure the system that fits with your strategy and budget. We can help you with the project management and the preparation that makes your implementation a success and that includes classification, metadata design, retention schedules, business analysis, configuration and training

If you don’t have a Records Manager or need additional resources we can provide you with a records management service. An initial study followed by a framework agreement with a guaranteed minimum number of days per years will get you the full benefit of our experience at a much cheaper day rate than our usual consultancy. Our service can cover the whole breadth of information management including technology and records management advice, training, policies and procedures, classification schemes, retention schedules and project management.

As a university-owned consultancy we know how universities work and the kind of difficulties the higher education environment presents. Our many years of commercial experience (over 20) and complete independence and impartiality are at your service.