Health services

Your requirement

Are you an acute trust spending far too much time and money maintaining paper patient records? How many files go missing and how many appointments have to be cancelled? Do your new building plans leave no room for paper? Have you given up waiting for national initiatives to provide a solution?

Do you need an Electronic Document Management system to capture and safely store electronic patient records? You will need to work out best use of mobile technology to capture and display information on the ward. You will need a fast and reliable scanning solution to bulk scan A&E Casualty Cards and deliver them to the electronic patient file. Maybe you need a portal to enable your clinical staff to see a patient-centred view of PAS data, test data, PACS images and medical notes?

Or are you a primary care trust trying to separate commissioning from provider services to implement government reforms? Are your shared drives well ordered and intuitive? Is patient information clearly separated, marked and protected?

Are you considering SharePoint and wondering how to configure it for scalability, compliance and records management? Are you considering digital pens for online capture of information in the community?

Or are you a mental health trust with patient files stored in unsuitable buildings or running up costs in off-site storage? Are you planning electronic records and have you worked out which existing files to capture and how?

And lastly, did you know that the health sector is one of the worst for information security breaches and the Information Commissioner is imposing heavier fines for leaks and losses? Are you confident that your staff are handling your patient data with due care and your trust will not hit the press for all the wrong reasons?

Our solution

Cimtech can help you define your electronic patient record requirements – both data and documents. We can help you define and procure an EDRM system that fits with your budget and your current technology. We can analyse the market, cost up the options and highlight the issues. We can provide a completely impartial shortlist of suitable suppliers. We can draw up a Statement of Requirements in enough detail to enable suppliers to offer a fixed price quotation.

We can help with EDM for corporate services as well and we can analyse the costs and benefits of EDM in HR, IT, Finance and Estates.

We can work out your scanning and storage requirements and consult with clinicians on new ways of working. We can help you capture information at source with digital dictation and mobile technology.

We can then help you implement the new system with project assurance during the early implementation phases and help with configuration and metadata.

We also have Information Security expertise. We can carry out an Information Security and review to spot the weaknesses in current systems and practice and help reduce risks. We can combine that with an Information Compliance Review to assess your compliance with the Department of Health’s Information Governance Toolkit, the HMG Security Framework and the Freedom of Information and Data Protection Acts. We will help you map out a way forward to full compliance with timescales and resources.