Government and agencies

Your requirement

If you are a government department or agency you have strong information governance requirements including compliance with Freedom of Information, Environmental Information Regulations, Public Records Acts, Reuse of Public Sector Information and the Data Protection Act. Your information security should cover human and property security as well as IT systems and devices. You should have implemented the HMG Security Policy Framework to protect personal information in the office and in transit. You should have put in place information sharing agreements and approved transfer procedures and inserted information compliance clauses in all your partnership agreements and procurement contracts.

Your paper files may be dwindling in number but have you replaced them with a robust electronic solution? Do you have a functioning framework of central and local information managers? Would you pass the National Archives’ Information Management Assessment with flying colours or would you be more likely to receive a practice recommendation and a fine from the Information Commissioner?

You may have an EDRM system that is now several years old and due for review. Is it still the best product for the job and the best value for your shrinking budget? Could it be better exploited? Are you investigating lower cost alternatives including SharePoint and open source systems? How scalable are they and can they be configured to provide adequate records management?

Or you may find that most of your records are on shared and local drives. Are they well organised and sustainable or are you building up problems for the future, including ever growing volumes and random structures difficult to search and impossible to apply retention and disposal to?

You may be handling case work in which case are your processes as efficient and auditable as they should be? Is the quality of your scanning processes sufficient to enable you to rely on the images and destroy the originals? Do you need to take advantage of improvements in forms processing and optical character recognition techniques? Do you need workflow to manage your processes, measure performance and provide an audit trail?

Our solution

Cimtech can help you meet your information governance obligations. We can carry out an Information Security and Compliance review to spot the gaps and weaknesses in systems and working practices and help you plan improvements and meet compliance requirements.

We can carry out an Information Management Review examining issues and options for information and records management and suggesting improvements including roles and responsibilities, policies and procedures, technical solutions and training.

We can help you carry out an Information Audit to find out exactly what information you hold, what its value and liabilities are, who is looking after it and how long it is kept.

We can deliver an EDRM Feasibility Study and Options Review which will examine the requirements, costs, benefits and risks of implementing or replacing an EDRM system. If a new EDRM system is the answer we can help you define and procure the EDRM system that fits with your strategy and budget.

Where streamlining is needed we can draw up as-is and to-be processes, improve efficiency and quantify savings to be achieved with document management and workflow.

And we can design business classification schemes and retention schedules to organise your online information in shared drives or EDRM systems so that it can be successfully retrieved, shared between staff, protected throughout its lifecycle and finally disposed of on the due date.