Financial services

Your requirement

Are you keeping your business records in compliance with FSA rules, the Companies Act 1985 and the Taxation Management Act 1970? Are you handling your customer data with due care on internal systems and encrypted devices? Are you disposing of personal information at due time in compliance with the 1998 Data Protection Act? Fines imposed by the FSA or the Information Commissioner will cost you money but reputational damage may take longer to restore.

Is it time to review your information security and compliance?

Do you have a fast and function-rich document and records management system to not only protect your records for their entire lifecycle but make them accessible and searchable and schedule their disposal? Are your business emails being captured and stored in a sustainable way? Are your regular business processes such as applications, loan approvals and insurance claims fully online and automated using workflow to ensure that processes run with maximum efficiency and every step is correctly taken and auditable? Is your scanning solution state-of-the-art – did you know that optical character recognition is now reliable enough to capture the contents of images and extract data from them with minimal human intervention? Are you still using obsolete technology such as optical disk and have you figured out how to replace it?

Or is it time to review your document management, scanning and workflow systems?

Our solution

Cimtech can help you define your document management requirements, review your current systems and procure new solutions. We can review the market and provide a completely impartial shortlist of suitable suppliers. We can define your EDM requirements down to the level of detail that will enable suppliers to offer fixed-price quotations.

We can help you implement EDM, with project assurance during the early implementation phases. We can help plan the system configuration and design the metadata. We can analyse your current processes and design new ones using BPM automation to make them faster, more accurate and more efficient.

We can help with scanning processes, from the design of customer forms for data capture purposes to the procurement of state-of-the-art capture systems and the development of quality control around scanning to meet BIP 0008 requirements for legal admissibility.

Information Security is another of our areas of expertise. Information Security is not only about encryption and access control; it is about staff recruitment and termination, use of contractors, building security, third party contracts and information sharing methods. We can review your current arrangements, identify risks and help you comply with the security standards appropriate to your business.

As one of the few truly independent advisers in this field you can be confident that our advice is sound, impartial and backed by years of experience and specialist expertise.