Energy sector

Your requirement

If you are in oil and gas, or a utility supplying energy to the public, you will be well aware of the importance of the documents you hold, whether technical specifications, drawings, logs and operating procedures or commercial agreements, correspondence and reports.

The cost of court cases, claims and disputes can run into £millions. The ability to support your case with auditable documentation is essential for success in court, for avoidance of fines and costs and for your company’s reputation.

You will need good version control for technical documentation and drawings. You will need online approval processes as auditable the paper processes you had before. You will need indexing to attach documents to projects and products. You will need an intelligent search engine to provide rapid access to up-to-date information. You will need to keep superseded documentation to provide evidence of past activity and previous compliance.

You will need very long retention for installation drawings and geological findings and will be planning digital preservation techniques to ensure their continued availability. You may need small- or large-format scanning to capture and exploit the legacy information held in paper files and drawing chests. You will need a viewer with redlining facilities to view and mark up images.

You may be stuck with large volumes of paper drawings and documents that you need to keep for many decades. It is cost-effective to scan them and what kind of system should you scan them into? Do you have CAD files to capture and do you need to convert them to new formats for long-term preservation?

SharePoint is great for collaboration but is it sufficiently scalable and will it be a robust-enough solution for high-value long-term records? What other systems are in the market place and how much will they cost?

Our solution

Cimtech can help you manage your technical and compliance documentation. We can help you plan, procure and implement a document management system.

We can look at your electronic document management needs in an EDM Feasibility Study and Options Review which will examine the requirements, costs, benefits and risks of implementing or replacing an EDM system. We can help you analyse the options and procure the system that fits with your ways of working and budget. We can provide a completely impartial shortlist of suitable suppliers. We can help you decide what to scan, how to scan it and into what formats for long-term storage. We can use EDM and workflow to streamline your working practices, drawing up as-is and to-be processes and quantifying the savings to be achieved with workflow.

We can help you implement EDM. We can provide project assurance during the early implementation phases and we can help you configure the system with a classification scheme and metadata.

We can carry out an Information Audit to find out what information you are holding and where and how long it needs to be kept. We can do the same for your subsidiaries and acquisitions.

We can make sure your vital records are secure and potential evidence is protected for as long as you need it.