Construction, architecture and engineering

Your requirement

If you are a construction business, a firm of architects or an engineering company you will be well aware of the liabilities involved in your work: the importance of keeping records of contracts and technical specifications, health and safety inspections and incidents, insurance and employment records.

You will need good version control for technical documentation and fool-proof methods of transmitting new drawings to your clients, partners and subcontractors. You need collaboration software and an audit trial of activity. You may need to access maps and plans in the field. Would a Cloud-based document management system help with remote and mobile access? Could you rely on it for long-term storage?

You will need to keep evidence of work done and decisions made and be able to produce it in court to substantiate your case and avoid fines and costs. Will your electronic systems keep your evidence secure as long as your liabilities last? Or will you find yourself having to pay out for a lengthy and costly e-discovery exercise or in the worst case concede a case because of lack of evidence?

You may be stuck with a legacy of paper drawings and documents that you need to keep for many decades. It is cost-effective to scan them and what kind of system should you scan them into? Do you have CAD files to capture and do you need to convert them to new formats for long-term preservation?

SharePoint is great for collaboration but is it a robust-enough solution for high-value long-term records? Are the Cloud-based offerings as configurable as on-premise ones? What other systems are out there in the market place and how much will they cost?

And lastly in this fast-changing industry you may well be planning a merger or acquisition. Do you need an information audit to find out what information you are acquiring, who owns it and manages it and whether it is all present and correct? Have you thought to include information as an asset in your take-over agreements?

Our solution

Cimtech can help you manage your technical and compliance documentation. We can carry out an Information Audit to find out what information you are holding and where and how long it needs to be kept. We can do the same for your subsidiaries and acquisitions to ensure that there are no surprises and hidden liabilities.

We can help you plan, procure and implement an electronic document management system. We can look at your document management needs in an EDM Feasibility Study and Options Review which will examine the requirements, costs, benefits and risks of implementing or replacing an EDM system. We can help you analyse the options and procure the system that fits with your ways of working and budget. We can provide a completely impartial shortlist of suitable suppliers. We can help you decide between on-premise and Cloud storage and mitigate the risks of externally-hosted storage with contract clauses and exit plans.

We can help you decide what to scan, how to scan it and into what formats for long-term storage. We can use EDM and workflow to streamline your working practices, drawing up as-is and to-be processes and quantifying the savings to be achieved with workflow.

We can help you implement the chosen system with project assurance during the early implementation phases and we can help you configure the system with a classification scheme and metadata.

We can make sure your vital records are secure and potential evidence is protected for as long as you need it.