SharePoint for collaboration and project management

Your requirement

  • Are you thinking of using SharePoint to manage your projects and control your project documentation?
  • Do you want to use SharePoint for collaboration across organisational and geographic divides?
  • Do you need to provide governance and templates to standardise site structure and metadata?
  • Do you need to extract and manage long-term records from your project and collaboration sites?
  • Do you need external expertise to advise on the best way to set up and manage SharePoint for collaboration and project use?

Our solution

Cimtech has been assisting with SharePoint implementations since SharePoint 2003. With SharePoint 2010 we have a much improved solution for project management and collaboration.

With our background in ECM and EDRM we know how to organise, classify and index information and what records managers need to enable them to apply retention schedules and assure long-term preservation.

We know what works as a structure for project management documentation, how naming conventions can be used and what metadata is required.

We can configure your SharePoint sites and draw up an Information Architecture to decide what goes where between sites.

We can create a classification scheme to organise your site collections, sites and document libraries.

We can design corporate metadata and ways to automate its capture.

We can design workflow to use SharePoint for document approval.