Scanning and backfile conversion

Your requirement

  • Do you have large volumes of paper files? Do you need to get them online to save space and streamline processes?
  • Do you need to set up a scanning operation to capture hard copy documents on receipt? Do you need advice on scanners, Optical Character Recognition methods and systems to hold and index the scanned documents?
  • Do you also need to scan the backfiles? If you have large volumes of active paper files it may be cost-effective to have them scanned by a scanning bureau. Do you need advice on bureaus, scanning quality, indexing methods, security requirements and prices? Do you need to specify requirements and service levels?

Our solution

Cimtech has been providing advice on scanning strategy and technology for many years. We advise many types of scanning operation from housing benefit offices to major operations such as the censuses for England, Wales and Scotland. We advise on costs and benefits and, being completely impartial, can advise where scanning would not be cost-effective and other methods such as sourcing documents electronically of off-site storage should be pursued.

We are experts both in scanning technology and in the processes around it that will optimise its benefit to the organisation.

We are also experts in legal admissibility requirements for scanning and can help you achieve BSI 10008, the standard for evidential weight and legal admissibility of electronic information. Compliance with BSI 10008 will give you and your customers the confidence to rely on scanned images and dispense with paper originals.

Typical consultancy assignments include

  • A scanning feasibility study, looking at options, costs and benefits.
  • Specification of bureau scanning requirements for competitive tender
  • Specification of a document management solution
  • Assistance with the evaluation of suppliers
  • Review and technical advice on existing scanning operations
  • Legal admissibility assistance (see Legal Admissibility information sheet)