Project review

Your requirement

  • Do you have a project which is running late, over budget, not delivering its objectives or merely no longer affordable?
  • Or maybe the project is going fine but before signing up for the next phase needs the assurance of external expertise to verify that it is on track and obtaining the best value for money?

Our solution

Cimtech has many years of assisting with document management projects but has also assisted with many data system solutions.

We have carried out reviews of implemented systems to look at:

  • Resourcing
  • Licensing
  • Project management methods
  • Technical issues
  • System configuration
  • Compliance with functional requirements
  • Communications
  • Change management
  • Business benefits expected/achieved

We have carried out government Gateway Reviews at various levels.

We know what makes a good project and the many ways a project can lose steam, overrun on costs and time or lose sight of its objectives.

We can give you impartial advice on whether to carry on with the project, change technology products or abandon the project entirely.

We will document our findings and cost up various options for moving forward. We will agree the preferred option with you and offer a way forward with resources, costs and timetable.

The sooner you get us on board, the sooner you can get your project back on track.