Procurement assistance

Your requirement

  • Is one of your data or document systems creaking at the seams?
  • Do you want to purchase a new solution or a new type of solution?
  • Do you need help with defining requirements and evaluating suppliers?

Our solution

Cimtech can help define requirements and evaluate solutions. Document management systems have long been our speciality but we have also helped define and procure data systems of many types for many types of organisations.

As an independent organisation which fiercely defends its impartiality, Cimtech can give you the assurance that you will get the best advice untainted by self-interest or business relations. We can also be honest and tell you when an IT solution is not the answer!

We can draw up a Statement of Requirements that is clear, concise and easy to respond to yet contains all the necessary functional, technical and service requirements.

We have many years of experience of procurement methods, whether private sector or public sector OJEU or BuyingSolutions procurements. We can help evaluate tenders, organise vendor presentations and demonstrations and assist with clarifications and contract negotiations.

Investment in our consultancy will pay for itself many times over in helping you obtain the best product at the best price via a clear and precise contract.