Outsourcing assistance

Your requirement

  • Is outsourcing the answer to your budget restrictions?
  • Is your existing IT services contract due to expire?
  • Do you want to outsource a particular business function (BPO) such as invoice handling or mailroom scanning?
  • Or do you want to outsource a whole department such as HR or Finance?
Maybe there are offerings on the Cloud you would like to evaluate. What kind of Cloud service do you need? Is there a Cloud service that will offer the security, reliability and functionality that you need?

Maybe you would like to get together with partner organisations to set up a shared service. Will it work? Will it be cost-effective? What might be the pitfalls?

You will need a vision and a strategy for implementing it. You will need to work out the costs, the benefits and the risks. You will need to demonstrate ROI and have answers ready for your shareholders and staff.

Our solution

As an independent consultancy which fiercely defends its impartiality, Cimtech can give you expert advice untainted by self-interest or business relations.

Cimtech can deliver a Feasibility Study evaluating the costs and benefits of moving your IT or other services to a third party provider. We can identify the risks, calculate the ROI and advise on managing and monitoring the service.

We can draw up an RFP defining service levels, security, business continuity and information governance requirements. We can help with procurement, evaluating tenders, organising vendor presentations and assisting with clarifications and contract negotiations.

When a service is in place we can provide on-going client-side assistance to monitor performance, review deliverables, manage projects and test solutions.

Investment in our consultancy will pay for itself many times over in helping you obtain the best service at the best price and ensuring that good value continues to be delivered over the course of the contract.