Legal admissibility

Your requirement

  • Do you need to make sure that documents in your document management system will stand up in court?
  • Is your system compliant with legal admissibility best practice? Is it configured correctly with audit trails and operational logs?
  • Do you have the necessary policies and procedures?
  • Is there enough quality control around your scanning processes to make sure that every page is legible and every side is scanned?
  • Would you like to achieve compliance with the British standard for legal admissibility and evidential weight BSI 10008 and the accompanying Code of Practice BIP 0008?

Our solution

Cimtech can review your systems and procedures and carry out a gap analysis against BSI 10008 and BIP 0008 requirements.

Cimtech can help you write new policies and procedures and implement the quality control procedures needed to meet legal admissibility requirements.

When you are confident that systems and quality control procedures are in place Cimtech can carry out a compliance check and if the check is successful, award you BIP 0008 compliance.

The cost of this assurance is remarkably small. A typical BIP 0008 compliance check might take around 4 days of consultancy time. Help with preparation for compliance could be completed within 7 days.