Invoice processing

Your requirement

  • Do you need a more efficient method of processing invoices?
  • Does your company spend too much time looking for lost invoices?
  • Would you save time if managers could view and approve invoices online?
  • Would your suppliers offer discounts for more consistent and timely payment?
There are several invoice scanning solutions on the market. Modern OCR techniques can capture data from scanned invoices and then match invoice items and amounts to Purchase Orders and delivery data held in finance systems. Case studies from system vendors promise ROI in 6 to 9 months.

Do you need an impartial study of the pros and cons, real costs and real savings to your company of an invoice processing solution? Do you want an impartial evaluation of the systems on the market?

There are issues to consider. Can a scanning solution deal with both paper and emailed invoices? How will the system interact with your financial and ERP systems? Are volumes and savings sufficient to justify the cost and effort? Should you go for an in-house solution or outsourced service? What service levels are appropriate? Is it practical to combine invoice processing with a digital mailroom? What budget should you allocate, how long will it take and how soon will it pay for itself?

Our solution

Cimtech’s independence enables us to provide impartial and trustworthy advice and our years of experience in the technology of scanning and OCR will provide an answer to all your questions.

Cimtech will help you determine whether an invoice processing solution is justified in your company and what kind of solution would be best for you. We will look at the options with all their pros and cons, costs, benefits, issues and risks. If the cost is justified we can go on to specify the system or service, evaluate solution proposals and assure the investment through proof of process.

Cimtech can provide a bespoke Invoice Processing feasibility study tailored exactly to your needs. Alternatively, we offer a feasibility study package for 9 days at very competitive rates.

Feasibility study package

Fact-finding on site
Observe current Accounts Payable processes, meet with managers and technical staff, view paper invoices and take metrics
Option report
Determine best viable options for system and service solutions; strengths and weakness of each option; present options; agree Target Operating Model or no further action (study ceases at 4.5 days work)
Business case
Develop outline business case of costs, risks, resources and benefits
Change management and presentation
Prepare an outline project plan for implementation and change management; present report