Information audit

Your requirement

  • Do you need an Information Asset Register for information assurance purposes?
  • Does your records manager want to know what records are where and how long they are kept?
  • Does your Estates department want to know how much office space is taken up by paper?
  • Does your Data Protection Officer want to know where personal information is held and how it is collected, used and shared?
  • Does your IT department want to know how much of its ever-expanding storage requires long-term retention or what local databases lurk on desktop drives?

Our solution

If the answer to any of the above is ‘Yes’ you need an Information Audit. Cimtech takes pride in its leading expertise in Information Audits. We offer practical methods tried, tested and honed over many years of experience.

Cimtech offers two packages for Information Audits. One is a hands-on audit, in which our consultants visit your departments, talk to the teams, identify the records held and complete a questionnaire for each records group. This method has the benefit of requiring less input from staff and ensuring consistency and quality in the data returned.

The other option is a devolved audit, in which our consultants train nominated delegates from each department to complete online questionnaires. This requires senior management sponsorship and time and effort from local teams but costs less in consultancy time and adds value by raising local awareness of records and records management. Cimtech follows up with a visit to each department to fill in any gaps in the audit and to review information management issues at department level.

Both options start with a study of what the objectives of the Audit are in your organisation. A quick consultation with interested parties will be followed by a Scoping Document setting out the objectives of the exercise and the scope of the Audit in terms of locations, departments, media and formats.

We then design an audit questionnaire to meet your organisation’s objectives. It will contain between 20 and 40 questions about each record group.

For the devolved audit the questionnaire can be set up as an Excel form, SharePoint Survey or Access database. The amount of time allowed for delegates to respond to a devolved audit depends on the responsiveness of the organisation. 3 weeks is recommended but in some sectors more is necessary.

When all the responses are in, we will collate and cleanse the data and present it in an Audit Workbook in Excel format with guidance on its use. We will analyse the data, creating tables and charts to show volumes and percentages. We will cross-reference findings to identify issues and derive conclusions to inform your records management programme.

With most Audits we deliver an Information Management Review or a Records Management Review, which digest the Audit results for senior management consumption, analyse the results department by department, pick out the major information issues to emerge and offer a Way Forward towards improved records management with timetable and resources.

The number of consultancy days required for a devolved Information Audit and Records Management Review is surprisingly small and can be as low as 25 days even for a large organisation.