Go green with IT

Your requirement

Reducing your carbon footprint makes sense. It helps the environment and demonstrates commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility. Larger organisations must comply with the 2010 CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme. Many sectors such as higher education and health have sector-specific targets and penalties.

There are many factors contributing to your carbon footprint. Energy use is one of the most important. Travel, water use and waste management are also major factors.

Emission sources are classified into three ‘scopes’:

  • scope 1 emissions are direct emissions from the organisation, for example emissions from combustion in heating and fleet vehicles
  • scope 2 emissions arise from the generation of purchased electricity consumed by the organisation
  • scope 3 covers all other indirect emissions from sources not owned or controlled by the organisation such as commuting, waste disposal, outsourcing and procurement.

Information Technology can be a heavy user of electricity and you can address this with various strategies such as server virtualisation, cloud computing and simple ‘switch IT off’ campaigns.

IT can also reduce your carbon footprint in other ways. It can reduce paper consumption, paper waste and the office space taken up with paper storage. It can replace paper mail with electronic mail. It can reduce travel by enabling home working, remote working and web conferencing. It can be used to streamline your processes to save staff time and associated environmental overheads.

IT can also be used to measure and monitor your carbon footprint.

Last but not least, carbon reduction saves money! Going green will reduce your electricity bills and cut your fuel, consumable and waste disposal costs.

Our solution

A Cimtech ‘Go Green with IT’ package includes a range of services. We can:

  • Advise on IT energy reduction
  • Introduce a carbon monitoring system
  • Introduce an Electronic Document Management solution to enable online and remote working
  • Redesign business processes to streamline workflows
  • Help with paper reduction exercises and off-site storage

We can even, through a sister company, assist with ISO 14001 compliance.