Forms processing

Your requirement

If your organisation needs to capture data from paper forms, you will already be interested in using forms processing and OCR to automatically read handwritten data from scanned forms.

Perhaps you already use forms processing technology or bureau services. Now could be a good time to look again at what advantages modern systems offer. Would faster data capture be a benefit? How do you get affordable high accuracy? Would it be better to use in-house or outsourced scanning services? How can you design and print forms to optimise recognition success?

Do you need independent advice on the options and issues?

Our solution

Cimtech will provide you with expert advice on forms processing and the systems and service bureau market. Our many years of work in scanning and recognition bring you the most expert advice available. Our fiercely-protected independence guarantees its impartiality. Our experience covers all types of organisation, from SMEs with a few thousand forms to census offices with millions of forms to manage.

Cimtech will work out your viable options, compile a realistic business case and prepare a system- or service-based specification for vendors to respond to with costs.

Cimtech will answer all your questions. Is the volume of forms enough to justify a new system? How much more effective are modern OCR systems? Is it best to ask incumbent suppliers to offer a forms processing service? Will scanned images serve as authentic records? Will forms need to be redesigned? Can one system deal with both scanned forms and web forms?

Cimtech can provide a Forms Processing feasibility study tailored exactly to your needs. Alternatively, we offer a feasibility study package for nine days at very competitive rates.

Feasibility study package

Fact-finding on site2.0Observe current forms and data capture processes, user systems, and take metrics
Option report2.5Determine best viable options for system and service based forms processing; strengths and weakness of each option; determine most favoured option
Business case and roadmap for favoured option2.0Develop outline business case of costs, risks, resources and benefits; propose procurement approach
Specification of system and service2.5Prepare a high level technical specification to implement favoured option and basis for competitive tender
Total9.0Price on application