ECM/EDRM implementation review

Your requirement

ECM and EDRM systems have been with us for a while now. Companies are at different stages in the technology lifecycle: some implementations are recently completed and some are beginning to creak and are due for an update.

It is time to review the implementation and look at the options. How successful has the implementation been? Is the technology right for the business? Are there cheaper and better offerings on the market now? Is the business making best use of it? Is it being monitored and managed well? Should it be rolled out further?

Have you inherited a number of different systems and want to save costs and ease access by standardising on one platform?

Do you have SharePoint sites as well as ECM or EDRM systems and want to interface them and make best use of their relative strengths?

Our solution

Cimtech will evaluate the system you have got and the way it is implemented. We can look at the system licensing, its functionality, configuration, access control, performance and support services. We can look at the human issues: uptake rates, user views, roles and responsibilities and training. We can survey the users and run workshops to gather issues and suggestions.

We can provide a review of the ECM / EDRM market and the systems most commonly implemented in your market sector. We will include new solutions such as SharePoint 2010 and open source.

We can look at federated solutions, dividing content between various systems and solutions including data systems and Web 2.0 offerings.
We can advise on SharePoint strengths and weakness and how best to use it on its own or in conjunction with other ECM systems.

We will document our findings and cost up various options for moving forward. We agree the preferred option with you and offer a way forward with resources, costs and timetable.