ECM and EDRM assistance

Your requirement

  • Are you considering an ECM or EDRM system and want to investigate the options and issues?
  • Have you decided that you need an ECM or EDRM system and want to procure the best solution for your requirements at the best price?
  • Do you need to make a business case for the capital expenditure?
  • Do you need help defining requirements and evaluating systems?
  • Do you need a project manager experienced in ECM and EDRM implementations?
  • Or do you just need project assurance; a consultant available on a call-off basis to make sure your project stays on track and benefits from past experience and lessons learned?

Our solution

Cimtech has many years of experience of planning and implementing ECM and EDRM systems. We have a tried-and-tested methodology for EDRM projects which was commissioned by the higher education sector but freely available for any sector to follow.

If you are in the early stages of thinking about EDRM we can carry out a Feasibility Study looking at your business and compliance requirements, identifying the main options (including the Do Nothing option) and the advantages, disadvantages and costs of each. We will give you a Way Forward complete with tasks, resources and timescales.

When you have agreed an option we can draw up an outline business case justifying the expenditure and showing how it fits with company strategy.

You will then need a statement of requirements for use in competitive tendering. This will contain functional, technical and service requirements and will be structured in a format simple for suppliers to respond to.

We can provide a shortlist of suitable suppliers, and if you are in the public sector advice on the benefits of OJEU and BuyingSolutions procurement routes. Cimtech is renowned for its impartiality and is fiercely protective of its status as one of the few truly independent and impartial consultancies in the field.

During procurement we can help with the evaluation of the tenders. We can provide a template score sheet for your evaluation team with weightings tailored to your organisation, we can identify clarifications needed and we can write scripts for supplier demonstrations.

When your contract is signed we can provide a PRINCE2-trained project manager to work full-time or part-time on EDRM implementation or if you have a suitable project manager of your own we can provide occasional project assurance, attending meetings, reviewing project documents and giving you the benefit of our implementation and benefits realisation experience.

For larger assignments such as these we can offer reduced day rates. Your investment in our services will pay for itself many times over by bringing you the right solution at the best price and helping you to implement it on time and on budget.

We have a long list of case studies of successful implementations including local authorities, financial services, universities, government departments and agencies and NHS trusts.