Business process modelling (BPM)

Your requirement

yellow diagramIn these tough times all organisations have to do more with less. That means cutting out unnecessary activities and streamlining the remaining processes to make them as efficient and effective as possible. You will probably need ECM to get documents online and workflow tools to manage and monitor processes. Or you might need to see what efficiency savings can be made without spending on technology.

Our solution

Cimtech has many years of experience of business process re-engineering.

Example 1 

We helped an insurance company speed up the time they handled claims. Benefits included:

  • increase in customer satisfaction
  • decrease in lost claims
  • reduction in headcount
  • 6-month ROI

Example 2

We helped an NHS hospital get GP referral letters to the consultant sooner. Benefits included:

  • vital hours saved by delivering letters electronically instead of manually
  • decrease in lost or delayed letters
  • reduction in headcount
  • reduction in postage, stationery and archiving costs
  • 3-month ROI

Cimtech follows industry standard notation BPMN allowing our analysis to be read seamlessly by a wide range of workflow systems including SharePoint, Black Pearl, Singularity, Tibco, etc.

Cimtech BPM starter pack

Cimtech is happy to provide a bespoke piece of work tailored exactly to your needs. Alternatively, for a small business or an individual department we offer a quick, effective BPM Starter Pack:

BPM Starter Pack

Project initiation   

Maximum of 6
Process analysis and mapping of 'as-is' processes

Workshop 'to-be' processes

Develop 'to-be' processes

Presentation to management


Option: strategic report on way forward