About Cimtech

Information management consultancy

Cimtech is a commercial information management consultancy owned by the University of Hertfordshire. It operates as a division of UH Ventures Ltd. registered in England and Wales with registered number 02350584.


Cimtech commenced operations over forty years ago when it rapidly established itself as a leading provider of independent expert advice and consultancy in the field of information and records management. It continues to develop its expertise in this area and, through its research and related activities, closely monitors the trends and developments that are impacting the information and records management community today.


Cimtech is renowned for its independence and impartiality, an asset which enables it to assist clients with the procurement of IT and services and advise where technology is not the only solution.


Cimtech's core activity is the provision of independent consultancy services to organisations of all sizes and across all business sectors. Our aim is to help clients understand and take full control of their vital information assets and to ensure these are managed in the most compliant and business-efficient way. Take a look at our consultancy information sheets to see the wide range of projects we can undertake.


Our online publications fully reflect our independent status and are highly-valued for their authoritative and comprehensive coverage of the information and records management field. Managing Information and Records: the definitive guide comprises a comprehensive management guide and a classified directory of products and services. This publication is available free of charge.

Freedom of Information Publication Scheme

Contact be@herts.ac.uk for details of our Freedom of Information Publication Scheme.