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The University of Hertfordshire is home to nationally recognised centres of excellence in a range of diverse fields.

Explore our centres to find out how they can benefit your organisation with:

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  • Centre for Sustainable Communities

    The Centre for Sustainable Communities can help you tackle issues such as:

    On-site parking
    carbon reduction
    the implementation of new technologies

    Visit the website for Centre for Sustainable Communities to see how we can help your business move towards a more sustainable future.

  • Statistical Services and Consultancy Unit (SCCU)

    The Statistical Services and Consultancy Unit is part of Hertfordshire Business School at the University of Hertfordshire and provides statistical consultancy and research work in a wide range of applications.

    With experience and expertise in many statistical software packages, we can add value to your organisation through support in:

    Statistical consultancy

    Find out more about the Statistical Services and Consultancy Unit or contact us for a free 'no obligation' meeting to discuss your requirements statistics@herts.ac.uk

  • Cimtech - Independent Information and Records Management Consultancy

    Cimtech is a highly experienced independent consultancy service for all aspects of information and records management. Its consultants can help you find the right path through the maze of information management issues, whether you operate in the public or private sector.

    Support can be offered in consultancy services and training for your information management projects including:

    Initial records management reviews
    Analysis of existing systems
    Strategy studies and options review

    Find out more about Cimtech and how you can be supported through its consultancy service.

  • Biodet

    We have a long-established laboratory that offers microbiological analysis and investigations for clients across the UK.

    Supported by the qualified Biodet team since 1978 and based at the University's laboratories that have held UKAS accreditation for microbiological water testing since 1997, it enjoys valuable working relationships with several Hertfordshire-based international pharmaceutical industries and independent contractors.

    Biodet provides a broad range of services, including:

    Consultancy and training
    Microbiological testing
    Air quality monitoring
    Agricultural plant pathogen early warning service

    Find out more about Biodet and how we can help you.

  • Heritage Hub

    The Heritage Hub has developed a distinctive strand of activity: Heritage for Business. Working with businesses and organisations, newly-founded and long-standing, we help them put heritage to use in the following areas:

    Brand and product development
    Staff engagement
    Business strategy

    We can work with you on bespoke projects to fit your needs. Heritage for Business is available to businesses, the community, and third-sector organisations.

    Find out more about how you can benefit from projects and activities, and can get involved with the Heritage Hub.

  • Evalu8

    Evalu8 specialises in low carbon transport solutions and supports businesses to make more sustainable transport choices. We are specialist in Electric Vehicles and alternative fuel technology and are delivering the government's 'plugged in places' scheme (PIP) in the East of England and manage the Source East network.

    Key services that companies can access include:

    Developing low carbon emissions and e-mobility strategies
    Grant funding for innovation and EV charging infrastructure
    Transport and travel planning
    Awareness and publicising of EVs and alternative fuel vehicles
    Fleet assessment for EV compatibility

    Find out more information about Evalu8.

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Contact the Business Development team, email us, or call +44 (0)1707 286406 to find out more about how we can help your business.

What our
students say

What ourstudents say

The project has been a complete success and it is taking the business in a new direction.

-Phil Cooper, Abbey Steel & Shearing Co Ltd