Clearing 2022

Help us to promote Clearing 2022, with approved social media assets.

Our Clearing campaign launched on Monday 11 April with a heavy focus on 17/18-year-olds (year 13's) within London and the East of England region (plus parents!).

The campaign will run until 1 September, with relevant messaging and creative that reflects the student journey at each stage of their Clearing journey (pre-Clearing, pre-results day, results day, and post-results day).

Live dates

11 April – 1 September



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Approved copy and assets

Guidance copy

For flexibility of messaging, we ask that you consider the nature of Clearing and what kind of information prospects are looking for, but our primary aim is to drive prospects to make a Clearing application with us. Here are a few examples of all actions we are driving prospects to take below:

Prospects who have already got their results:

  • Apply to Herts through Clearing using our simple online application form and get a response instantly
  • If you'd prefer to talk to someone, call our Clearing hotline on 0300 303 6300

Prospects who are waiting for their results:

Prospects who have already applied:

  • If you've completed an online application, you'll hear from us straight away to advise if you have an offer or if a tutor needs to take a look at your application form. If you don't have the relevant qualifications, we'll let you know too.
  • You can always call us on +44 (0)1707 284800 if you want to discuss that further
  • If you receive an offer, please refer yourself to Herts on the UCAS Hub to confirm your place. If you don't already have a UCAS application, you'll need to submit one to do this
  • Keep a close eye on your emails so you can stay up to date with us

Please look to include the hashtags where possible.

Please also be aware that tweets are capped at 240 characters so please factor this in. We recommend using a vanity URL to make your tweets look less busy – to do this you can visit free sites like Bitly where you can add in your desired URL, and it will produce a shortened version for you.

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