Tutor and student talkingWhether you're writing for a local newspaper, online journal or glossy magazine, you need a common core of basic journalistic skills and knowledge.

At the University of Hertfordshire, our journalism course focuses on writing news and feature articles, enabling you to build these skills.

Within the Mass Communications Programme, students can choose to combine their studies with related subjects (for example with Media Cultures) in order to achieve one of the following degrees:

Within the Humanities Programme, this subject can be combined with other subjects to form the following degrees:

Also within the Humanities Programme, this subject can be studied as a joint honour with the following subjects:

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What will I study?

Whether you want to write about politics, sport, fashion, music or the environment, you need to know what publications want - and how to write the news and features they need.

Our journalism course teaches you how to source and write your own stories in a variety of styles, using the English language effectively.

It also examines how to assess and deal with the legal and ethical obstacles that litter every journalist's path.

Career opportunities

A journalist who can successfully write for a newspaper on a broad spectrum of topics in a wide range of styles has the foundation skills to succeed just about anywhere in the industry.

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What our
students say

What ourstudents say

Every module equipped me with the invaluable skills and extensive knowledge needed for the working world that was ahead of me.

-Emma Rebecca Hughes, Journalism Graduate