Visual arts

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Visual Art plays an essential role in supporting the cultural and entrepreneurial aspects of society through the production of creative work.

The University of Hertfordshire supports the work of the fine artist, the skilled craft person and the commercial photographer.

We empower our students to create national and international audiences and economic opportunities for themselves whether your practice is Fine Art, Contemporary Design Crafts or Photography.

Our courses

wheat fieldWe enable you to think critically so that you can become an independent and resourceful graduate, capable of working independently or collaboratively within a broad range of industries.

Our visual arts courses facilitate creativity and expertise in the media areas of:

  • photography
  • painting
  • sculpture
  • video
  • performance/installation
  • digital media

Undergraduate courses

There are two distinct Visual Arts programmes:

Hanging pictures

Postgraduate courses

How to apply

Undergraduate: Apply online on the UCAS website

Postgraduate: Apply using the University of Hertfordshire application system