Media workshops

We have a range of media workshops to support you in a wide variety of creative activities.

Photography workshops

The photographic facilities offer dark rooms for wet film production and include a processor for colour work. There are class sets and a project area with enlargers and large scale sinks for manipulating and printing B&W images. A finishing area is set out for glazing and drying prints.

Photography studio

The photography studio is divided into spaces that can be used for small, medium or large scale work. The facility provides dedicated space for shooting of stills where backdrops and studio lighting are available for a variety of set and studio work.

Digital Print Shop

Alongside these dedicated facilities the school runs a digital print shop. The colour printing facility runs four A2 ink jet and one large scale pre-press machine handling high quality print output for graphics, photography and all forms of image based work.


The John Lille Music Centre has rooms and spaces set up to support:

  • acoustic work
  • performance
  • rehearsal
  • monitoring

Sound recording studios

Studio 1

This is a 24 track recording facility with a control room housing a:

  • `Solid Stage Logic’ mixing console
  • 5.1 surround sound monitoring system

The studio offers a multitude of effects and processing modules to record live performances.

Studio 2

This is a 32 channel, digital Yamaha O2R desk with a control and live room for ensembles of 3 to 4 players.

Craft edit/Dubbing suites

These rooms provide for individual or shared work editing, voice over, sound creation equipment and FCP, ProTools and Nuendo software. Monitoring Rooms are being developed to provide surround sound monitoring.