Film and TV equipment

You’ll have access to TV studio and workshops with the latest digital equipment.

Location kit

  • HD Camera Kit – JVC HD111 HDV Cameras, Panasonic 301 P2 HDV cameras
  • Tapeless Ingest
  • Pro Sound Kit – Sennheiser Radio Mikes and Mixers, Dubbing Facilities
  • Lighting Kit – Kinoflo and Dedolight Kits
  • Grip Kit – Losmandy Dolly and Minigib

HD TV studio

  • Panasonic HPX500 Cameras
  • Hanabi Vision Mixer
  • Yamaha Sound Mixer
  • FCP Tapeless Play-in
  • Apple Xsan Server
  • Green Screen


  • Apple FCP Editing – Apple MacPro seats with Final Cut Studio 2, 3 Pro Edit Suites, 1 Mixing Suite
  • Sound Postproduction – mixing suite for music, dialogue, FX, Foley, ADR etc
  • Vision Postproduction – film look, colour correction, Motion FX