Construction and carving workshop

Student at work in the studio

Metal working

  • Forge and anvil gives access to blacksmithing techniques
  • Box folder and rolling bars allow for the shaping and forming of sheet
  • Mechanical hacksaw is used for cutting large section metal components

Welding bay

The welding facility gives access to heavy and light welding equipment including:

  • MIG
  • spot
  • oxy acetylene for cutting
  • welding and braising
  • propane for soldering

Woodworking machine bays

This area has:

  • circular, radial and bandsaws to cut and shape
  • a sander for finishing
  • pedestal drill
  • benches for fabrication
  • mitre guillotine for stretcher and frame making

Wet process area

Provides a facility for building, moulding and casting with clay, plaster and wax.

Sculpture yard

Large scale work can be produced in the courtyard which has:

  • lifting equipment
  • an air line
  • power points

There are covered areas for stone, fibre glass and fabrication work.

Sculpting and moulding

An area has been developed in this workshop to improve our ability to build and mould figures and creatures for special effects and fine art outcomes.

We are developing this area to extend existing clay and wax modelling facilities with additional facilities for moulding in foam, silicone and a lay up facility for GRP.