3D workshops

Ceramics workshop

Perfect your band built and thrown work here, with a variety of slip glazes and clay materials. The workshop has:

  • glaze area
  • drying store
  • kiln room with a variety of different kilns for firing ceramics

Glass workshop

Our equipment for cutting and working glass uses:

  • diamond cutting
  • water cooled abrasives
  • drills

You'll have plenty of space to finish your work.

The facility shares flatbed and ceramic kilns for fusing and forming glass.

Machine shop

You'll have access to:

  • centre lathes, pillar drills and milling machines for machining plastics, metals and timber.
  • band and circular saws for cutting and shaping bulk materials.
  • wood lathes to turn timber and foam.
  • vacuum forming and line bending machines for plastics sheet
  • sanding and finishing machines for fine finishing

Moulding room

This area facilitates casting and mould making using plaster, silicone, latex and resins and has:

  • bandsaw
  • lathe
  • drying oven
  • fettling benches

Spray booth

The spray booth gives access to an industrial standard paint spraying facility. It has a dry back fume extract.

Small metals and jewellery

This facility has hand and machine tools for working non ferrous metals e.g. soldering, pressing and forming for jewellery and fine work.