2D workshops


The fashion workshop facilities include:

  • cutting space with pattern-cutting tables
  • sewing machines
  • overlockers
  • tailors mannequins (male and female)
  • industrial steam presses
  • edge fuser with a cutting table
  • seminar/show spaces for group activity

The main sewing area has flat-lock industrial sewing machines with 4-thread overlockers and Industrial 3-thread cover stitch machine.

Adobe Creative suite and the Gerber software set are used in the computer suite.


We can support a range of printing practices with a number of print tables configured for screen printing. It has:

  • plate and stone litho presses
  • offset litho bed
  • two large Victorian presses for lino

The etching facility includes:

  • ink mixing facilities
  • an aquatint box
  • hot plates
  • a series of presses for different sized prints

The workshop also has a number of print drying racks for each print system.


Our specialist area for textiles construction provides a:

  • sewing room with electric sewing machines
  • dye lab with vats for mixing and dyeing
  • baking oven for curing dyed items

The paper making area has:

  • pulping and mixing facilities
  • screens for manufacture

Felt making facilities include:

  • a steamer
  • A3 sized heat transfer printing
  • silk screen

The comprehensive silk screen set up includes facilities for stretching screens, exposing photographic emulsions, adjustable print tables and drying racks for prints.

We also have a jet spray unit for screen cleaning.