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Natalie Pringle

Co-Founder and Director, CMO and Programme Manager 

Find out the steps that Natalie took to get where she is today.

Why did she choose the University of Hertfordshire, how did it help her and what advice does she have for current students?

Read Natalie's full profile.

Automotive and Aeronautical

  • Ross Barrow (Lead Engineer) - Automotive Technology with Management, 2010
  • Steven Frith (System Engineer) - Computer Science, 2008
  • Jim Hammett (Chief Flying Instructor Helicopters) - BEng Aerospace Engineering, 2000
  • Diana Hodgins MBE (Managing Director) - Mechanical Engineering, 1982 - PhD Solid State Physics, 1990
  • Dan Jones (Chief Designer) - Motorsport Technology, 2006
  • Adrian Moore (CEO of Xtrac Ltd) - Mechanical Engineering, 1988
  • Samuel Nathan Richards (Mission Operations Specialist, NASA) - BSc(Hons) Astrophysics with Sandwich Year, 2012

Banking and Finance

Biotech and Pharmaceuticals


  • Tomi Ojo (Communications Officer) - Photography, 2017

Consultancy and Professional Services

  • Checca Aird (Forensic Data Analyst) - Computer Science, 2015
  • Dr Suzy Walton (Multi sector Board Director) - Psychology, 1994 & MSc Occupational Psychology, 1995

Creative Industries

  • Lulu Davis (Owner (Artist Manager and Publicist)) - Music and Entertainment Industry Management, 2013
  • Richard Elson (Film Director) - BTEC Foundation in Art and Design, 1999
  • Shirin Shafaie (Visual Academics Founder) - MA Film and TV, 2015

Education and Teaching


Environment, Transport and Utilities

  • Nadine Bowles-Newark (Assistant Programme Officer) - Environmental Management, 2012
  • Fred Post (Manager, Environment Control) - MSc Environmental Management for Business, 2011
  • Abhishek Verma (Associate Consultant) - MSc Environmental Management for Business, 2013

IT and Computing

Journalism, PR and Media

  • Punteha van Terheyden (vT Features - Owner) - English Language and Communication with Journalism and Digital Publishing, 2007

Law and Legal Services

Marketing, Sales and Market Research


  • Hayley West (Sports Therapist) BSc Sports Therapy, 2015 (video case study)



  • Simon Bennett (Head of Learning Legacy, Crossrail) - Civil Engineering , 1995
  • Josh Ward (Project Leader (Change)) - Environmental Management, 2016

Do you have a story to tell?

Fill out our web form and tell us what you are doing. We'll put some on the website to inspire our students and fellow alumni

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