The Venerable Jonathan Smith

The Venerable Jonathan Smith was awarded an honorary Doctor of Laws in recognition of his contribution to the Diocese of St Albans. Jonathan served as Archdeacon of St Albans for 12 years until his retirement in 2020. As Archdeacon, Jonathan had responsibility for church governance, buildings and property, and pastoral care. He carried out his role with care and compassion, making a positive difference to the lives of those around him.

This university, with its emphasis on interdisciplinary working, and drawing its members from many of the world’s communities, has given you an excellent model. Everywhere in the world, we see too much evidence of fraction, disunity and strife…having studied at this university, you know a better way. A more holistic path that does not demonise difference, but rejoices in it. Take this wonderful education you have received and use it for your good, and the good of all.