Dr Stuart Clark FRAS

Following his graduation from the University of Hertfordshire with a first-class honours degree in Astronomy with Physics, Dr Stuart Clark stayed on to do his PhD in Astrophysics. He then joined the faculty as Director of Public Astronomy, and held the post until 2001 when he joined the European Space Agency, eventually becoming senior editor for the space science programme. Stuart has written more than 20 books,  both academic and popular, many of which have won awards. Stuart received an honorary Doctor of Science in recognition of his tremendous contribution  to Astronomy.

On a school trip to Bayfordbury when I was just 11, my future lecturer was the first person who showed me the night sky through a telescope. As an undergraduate student, that same person taught me at the University, and I felt so inspired by him. I learned to love and know my subject, and to pursue the things that I found interesting, as it’s where I would do my best work. Something that will stay with me forever, is that the University, particularly the astronomers who worked here, they believed in me. And there are no words that can deeply express how honoured I am to receive this award.