Dr Simon McNamara

An alumnus of Hatfield Polytechnic, Simon has enjoyed a highly successful career in the global financial services industry and has held a number of high-ranking positions both overseas and in the UK. He currently holds the position of Group Chief Administrative Officer of the Royal Bank of Scotland. Simon facilitated a visit of University of Hertfordshire staff and students to the Royal Bank of Scotland headquarters. Simon received an honorary Doctor of Science for his contribution to the financial sector.

I am incredibly happy, humbled, and proud to receive this honorary doctorate. The University creates courses that think outside of the box, and recognises hunger, talent, and commitment in its students. Meeting and spending time with a great collection of people with the same passion, the same energy for the topic, people you can learn from, debate with, experience new things together, and of course have a great time with, gave me a grounding and rounded experience. The importance of that can sometimes be underplayed, put down to friendship and fun, but it’s a crucial part of learning. The course gave me the keys to a career and unlocked the opportunity to explore the world, giving me the chance to work anywhere on the planet. The one thing that ties Hertfordshire alumni together is our shared belief in lifelong learning. The continual desire to learn more, know more, listen more, and be more, is something I learned here at Herts.