Alumni stories

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  • Peter Sear

    Peter Sear

    Meet Peter Sear who has impacted the lives of many through his work in developing empathy across numerous emails. He is currently the Founder of Empathetic Minds.

  • Olivia Draisey

    Olivia Draisey

    Meet Olivia Draisey who ‘fell in love with the community spirit’ at Herts while studying psychology. She’s now a psychology teacher and Head of Year 11 at Jo Richardson Community School.

  • Madeline King

    Madeline King

    Meet Madeline King, whose psychology degree was ‘invaluable’ in helping her develop her career. She now works as a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist in the NHS.

  • Burcu Akar

    Burcu Akar

    Meet Burcu Akar, whose degrees in psychology allowed her to discover new interests. She is now a qualified counsellor and psychodynamic therapist, working in private practice and for Mind.

  • Dennis Relojo-Howell

    Dennis Relojo-Howell

    Meet Dennis Relojo-Howell who launched a mental health website while studying for his degree. He’s now an international speaker, author and blog psychologist.

  • Laura de Haan

    Laura de Haan

    Meet Laura de Haan whose Humanities degree has taken her on a journey of personal discovery. She now works as an Education Liaison Coordinator at the University of Hertfordshire.

  • Dr Suzy Walton

    Dr Suzy Walton

    Meet Suzy Walton who has utilised her psychology degree to benefit those around her. She is on numerous governing boards and has supported the work of the Ministry of Defence.

  • Adrienne Kirk

    Adrienne Kirk

    Meet Adrienne Kirk who has had a long and successful career since graduating. Adrienne currently works a Psychotherapist.