Alumni stories

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  • Ajani Palmer

    Ajani Palmer

    Meet Ajani, who inspires others about geography through teaching and has plans to propel his career in a new direction.

  • Jimmy Morten

    Jimmy Morten

    Meet Jimmy, who is passionate about the climate and works to prevent homes from flooding.

  • Miranda Campbell

    Miranda Campbell

    Meet Miranda Campbell who is a Climate & Environment Adviser for the National Trust

  • Josh Ward

    Josh Ward

    Meet Josh Ward who has experienced a varied career since graduating. Josh is currently a Business Transformation Manager at Pendragon.

  • Nadine Bowles-Newark

    Nadine Bowles-Newark

    Meet Nadine Bowles-Neward who persuaded her passion for the environment as her career. She is currently a Programme Officer with UNEP-WCMC.

  • Laura McNally

    Laura McNally

    Meet Laura McNally who has turned her passion for the environment into a career. Since graduating in 2005, she has excelled in her career and is currently a Sustainable Business Partner for the Environment Agency.

  • Fred Post

    Fred Post

    Meet Fred Post who pursued a career in environmental management after gaining a Master of Science. He currently works as an Environment Control Manager at Algoma in Canada.

  • Abhishek Verma

    Abhishek Verma

    Meet Abhishek Verma who pursued his passion for the environment for his career. He is currently an Associate Consultant at KPMG in New Delhi, India.