Alumni stories

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  • Rianne Vervuurt

    Rianne Vervuurt

    Meet Rianne. Rianne moved to the UK from the Netherlands and chose postgraduate study at Herts to help her gain employment.

  • Dr Jeffery Quaye

    Dr Jeffery Quaye

    Since graduating from Herts, Dr Quaye has had a significant impact on education in the UK. He has been a Headteacher, advised the UK government on education policy, and is now the National Director of Education and Standards for the Aspirations Academies Trust.

  • Amber-Rose Warner

    Amber-Rose Warner

    Meet Amber-Rose Warner whose love of working with children led her to a degree at Herts

  • Rebecca Shelford

    Rebecca Shelford

    Meet Rebecca Shelford who plans to take her love of nature into the classroom

  • Jake Garwood

    Jake Garwood

    Meet Jake Garwood who discovered his passion for teaching and education while studying. He currently works as a Year 4 teacher in a junior school near the University.

  • Annabelle Bullock

    Annabelle Bullock

    Meet Annabell Bullock, a BUCS gold medalist, who studied Sports Science alongside her athletic pursuits. As an athlete she competed in target shooting and as a member of the women's Lacrosse team.