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  • Shivani Chheda

    Shivani Chheda

    Meet Shivani. To compliment her learning, Shivani took part in many extracurricular activities whilst at Herts. She was a Student Representative, achieved a Go Herts Award, and hosted the first joint student society festival.

  • Ayesha Mehta

    Ayesha Mehta

    Meet Ayesha. With support from the University’s Student Wellbeing team, Ayesha excelled at Herts and is now an Expenditure Account Assistant for a global company.

  • Opeyemi Ajewole

    Opeyemi Ajewole

    Meet Opeyemi. Opeyemi’s passion for business analytics and consultancy was driven by working for his family’s business. After completing his MSc in 2022, he returned to Herts as a Visiting Lecturer.

  • Toby Newman

    Toby Newman

    Meet Toby. Toby says his two years studying and working abroad greatly improved his confidence and communication skills.

  • Tom de Prez

    Tom de Prez

    Meet Tom. Tom credits his successful career, which has seen him work with global brands including Google and Salesforce, with his time at Herts.

  • Jorja Holmes

    Jorja Holmes

    Meet Jorja. Jorja made the most out of her time at Herts. She spent two years studying in the United States, joined the University’s cheerleading team, and is now a Marketing Coordinator in Australia.

  • Tom Smith

    Tom Smith

    Meet Tom. Tom's time at Herts has propelled him into a career that has taken him across the globe.

  •  Jackson Cyprian

    Jackson Cyprian

    Meet Jackson, whose passion for digital marketing led him to the UK to study an MBA.

  • Neelesh Prang

    Neelesh Prang

    Meet Neelesh Prang, who graduated during the pandemic and is now based between London and Paris working as a Business Development and Account Manager for a French software company.

  • Sarmila Varatharaj

    Sarmila Varatharaj

    Meet Sarmila, the Deputy Mayor for the London Borough of Wandsworth and the youngest councillor in the borough, representing Wandle ward.

  • Naveed Qazi

    Naveed Qazi

    Meet Naveed who pursued a career in banking and construction in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, before realising his true passion was in creative writing.

  • Tatjana Apukhtina

    Tatjana Apukhtina

    Meet Tatjana Apukhtina, an ambitious entrepreneur, business founder and actor.

  • Ashley Joseph

    Ashley Joseph

    Meet Ashley Joseph who has combined his social media skills and his passion for football to forge a successful career.

  • Heraldas Gaspariunas

    Heraldas Gaspariunas

    Meet Heraldas Gaspariunas, an entrepreneur who is passionate about developing his biotech start-up and is committed to embracing new experiences and lifelong learning opportunities.

  • Grace Tucker

    Grace Tucker

    Meet Grace Tucker whose career has taken her from China to Kent and now to Guernsey in a very short time.

  • Marta Sierpek

    Marta Sierpek

    Meet Marta Sierpek who wanted to add 'something extra' to her professional and educational career by studying a Masters of Business Administration.

  • Julia Barnard

    Julia Barnard

    Meet Julia Barnard who re-joined the Herts community to study her Masters of Business Administration and give her the confidence to make her ideas into reality.

  • Joy Clyne

    Joy Clyne

    Meet Joy Clyne who won the 2020 Flare award for social impact. Joy is a self-employed writer working towards getting a collection of poems published.

  • Ramat Tejani

    Ramat Tejani

    Meet Ramat Tejani who has taken the international technology industry by storm. She is the Diversity Marketing Manager for Amazon Web Services

  • Abies Iriowen

    Abies Iriowen

    Meet Abies Iriowen who has applied her degree to improve diversity and equality in businesses. She currently works as a Diversity & Inclusion Coordinator at Goldman Sachs

  • Toby Stoddart

    Toby Stoddart

    Meet Toby Stoddart who used his MBA course do strengthen and diversify his skillset for higher positions. He currently works as the Global Commercial Director for the Clinigen Group.

  • Craig Jones

    Craig Jones

    Meet Craig Jones who decided to undertake an MBA to help him transition from a technical to business role. He is currently the Manager of Global, Planning, Strategy and Business Associations at Ford Motors.

  • Charlotte Dennis

    Charlotte Dennis

    Meet Charlotte Dennis, a start-up business owner, who decided to pursue an MBA to ensure the success of her businesses.

  • Claire Rimington

    Claire Rimington

    Meet Clair Rimington who utilised the skills she gained during her MBA to move up the career ladder. She currently works as a Principle Commercial Manager for MBDA Missile Systems.

  • Clare Tamsitt

    Clare Tamsitt

    Meet Clare Tamsitt, a nurse with 20 years’ experience who completed an MBA at Herts to develop her management skills and further her career prospects. She is now Divisional Director for Core Services at Barts Health NHS Trust.

  • Mark Hull

    Mark Hull

    Meet Mark Hull who has enjoyed a varied career since graduating. He is currently the Head of Marketing for Dignity Funerals and Funeral Plans. He previously worked at Sky as a Marketing Controller for Customer Communications.

  • Bradley Johnson

    Bradley Johnson

    Meet Bradley Johnson who has gone onto work in Higher Education since graduating.

  • Nadee Buddhiwickrama

    Nadee Buddhiwickrama

    Meet Nadee Buddhiwickrama who wants to use her degree to ensure future students have a great experience. She currently works as the Assistant Manager for Student Experience at SLIIT - Sri Lanka. She is based in Canada.

  • Alan Chu

    Alan Chu

    Meet Alan Chu who utilised the placement year on his course to gain valuable work experience enabling to land his dream job. He is currently the Finance and Operations Director at Beechbrook.