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  • Helen Clarke

    Helen Clarke

    Meet Helen. After walking away from a career in IT, Helen pursued her lifelong passion and became an artist. She has just moved into her own studio and has several exhibitions planned.

  • Pavlina Azova

    Pavlina Azova

    Meet Pavlina. After winning the University’s Peter Brownhill Prize for high attainment in model making, she went on to work for Warner Bros. and Pinewood Studios.

  • Niamh Macleod

    Niamh Macleod

    Meet Niamh Macleod, a 2022 Flare finalists whose sustainable streetwear brand aims to reduce textile waste and contribute to greener fashion.

  • Lisa Wee Eng Cheng

    Lisa Wee Eng Cheng

    Meet Lisa Wee Eng Cheng, an illustrator and author who is using her artistic talent to speak out on gender stereotyping and to celebrate diversity and inclusivity.

  • Harry Woodgate

    Harry Woodgate

    Meet Harry, an award-winning freelance illustrator and author who creates stories with a focus on diversity, inclusivity, compassion and adventure.

  • Yulia Brodskaya

    Yulia Brodskaya

    Meet Yulia Brodskaya, an internationally acclaimed artist. She has worked with a host of world-class brands and has recently launched her own app.

  • Nina Tara

    Nina Tara

    Meet Nina who won the 2020 Flare award for Lifestyle Business of the Year. Nina is an art psychotherapist and works with vulnerable adults and children.

  • Alyssa Smith

    Alyssa Smith

    Meet Alyssa Smith who pursued her dream of starting her own jewellery company, Alyssa Smith Jewellery.

  • Tomi Ojo

    Tomi Ojo

    Meet Tomi Ojo who has been exploring her career opportunities and learning new skills since graduating. Tomi currently works within Elevation Networks as a National Citizen Service (NCS) Programme Intern.

  • Elise Robinson

    Elise Robinson

    Meet Elise Robinson who has used her degree and creativity to propel her career. Elise currently works as a Marketing Project Manager at Marshall Amplification plc.

  • Sam Sampson

    Sam Sampson

    Meet Sam Sampson who utilised the flexibility of his degree to discover his passion. Since graduating in 2017, he has been working as a Junior Creative at Wasserman Experience.