Rajpal Singh Khangura

  • Current role: Director of Compliance & Risk, Calforex Ltd
  • Year of graduation: 2007
  • Degree course: Law
'Work hard, network, network, network and never burn bridges with anybody.'

We asked Rajpal...

What is your current role and how did you get to this point in your career?

I am currently the Director of Compliance & Risk. I have worked professionally for the last 10 years in the fraud space and am now an AML subject matter expert and also jointly run my own consultancy firm.

How did your studies at the University of Hertfordshire help shape your career?

My studies at Herts shaped my career as I was able to gain an insight as to how the real world works.

What made you decide to study at this University?

I studied at the University as it was close to family, was quite new and I got the grades!

What was the best or most useful thing about your course?

Receiving guidance from my tutors - I didn't know it at the time, but I have incorporated some of their traits into my every-day working life now.

What is your stand-out memory from your time at the University?

Getting a 1st in my EU law exam.

Are you still in contact with friends you met at the University of Hertfordshire?

I am. The consultancy I run is a joint partnership between myself and friend from Herts. In fact, we're coming to the University soon to do a 30 min talk/presentation.

What advice would you give your younger self if you were starting at the University tomorrow?

Always think outside of the box.

Do you have any advice for University of Hertfordshire graduates who are considering a career in your industry?

Work hard, network, network, network and never burn bridges with anybody.

What are your future career plans/ ambitions?

To continue to be successful in terms of what I see as success. A happy, healthy family, stable career that allows me to support my lifestyle and being able to have flexibility.