Student Success Programme

Student Success Programme

Our programme provides support to undergraduate students who are identified as eligible according to household income and postcode. It is designed to maximise retention and attainment by providing targeted, specialist support for students throughout their university journey. Students may also receive a financial bursary in their first year of study.

What being in the 'Student Success' cohort means

Being a 'Student Success' student means getting priority access to a whole range of opportunities and practical help to enable you to have an enjoyable and successful university experience. Here are some examples of the kind of initiatives on offer:

  • support networks for commuting and mature students
  • online mindfulness course
  • academic coaching
  • English and mathematics support
  • peer mentoring
  • exam preparation
  • financial advice and support
  • employability skills
  • BAME Careers Event.

Enrolment into the Student Success cohort is automatic for those students meeting the UH Undergraduate Bursary eligibility criteria on admission.

Find out more about the UH Undergraduate Bursary eligibility criteria.

If you have any questions about our Student Success programme, please email and we'll do our best to help you.