Graduates celebrating their University of Hertfordshire Award by St Albans Cathedral
Celebrating with Awards Ceremonies in Hertfordshire and overseas
1994 - 2017

Ceremonies in Hertfordshire


Due to their size, University of Hertfordshire Awards Ceremonies have outgrown the Prince Edward Hall and are moved to the Cathedral and Abbey Church of St Alban in 1994.

To mark the beginning of each Ceremony there is a procession of academic staff led by the Secretary and Registrar (or Academic Registrar as pictured) carrying the Mace, an historic means of symbolising the corporation.

The Mace being carried at the front of the Awards Ceremony procession.

The academic dress of the University comprises of a cap, gown and hood. The hood denotes the wearer’s degree. The outer lining of every University of Hertfordshire hood is made of “stuff” in our own special shade of grey and the inner lining of silk distinguishes the particular degree held.

The Chancellor wears a gown of purple silk brocade with special marks and silver trimmings; the Pro-Chancellor wears a similar gown in royal blue silk; the Vice-Chancellor and Deputy Vice-Chancellor wear royal blue silk gowns with gold trimmings.

Gowns worn during the Awards Ceremonies.

Adding to the grandeur of the ceremonies is Professor Howard Burrell’s impressive Hatfield Procession for Brass and Organ which is played during the opening academic procession.

Members of the de Havilland Philharmonic playing at an Awards Ceremony


The University Mace was created in 1997. The Mace is used during ceremonial events such as the Annual Awards Ceremonies and is an historic means of symbolising the corporation.

4 feet long, the Mace has a silver head, rosewood haft and silver heel. The head’s smooth streamlined silver skin, tipped with a titanium point, encloses a sphere that is visible through three openings set equally around the axis. The sphere is located by the blue titanium ribs that support the exterior silver skin and is pierced by a silver-gilt rod that forms the axis of the head. Each opening in the head displays a different view of the sphere.

The Ceremonial Mace

The motto of the University is engraved around the head, close to the tip, the coat of arms being engraved three times at intervals around the base of the head.


Graduates of the University of Hertfordshire continue to enjoy September Awards Ceremonies in St Albans Abbey. December Ceremonies are now held in the Weston Auditorium on the de Havilland campus.

Ceremonies overseas


The first degree ceremony is held in Kuala Lumpur, the capital city of Malaysia, in response to the large number of students from Singapore and Malaysia. We had signed a formal agreement the previous year with INTI College in Malaysia, allowing them to provide accredited university courses.

Flags from a wide range of countries.

By 2016 our Malaysian alumni community has over 5,000 members, the largest group of UK alumni outside the UK.

In 1996, we have a global alumni network of 25,000 alumni from 180 countries.


Over 1000 people attend the Grand Ballroom of the International Convention Centre in Shanghai for the University’s first Awards Ceremony in China. This is the largest Awards Ceremony ever held overseas by a UK university.

Graduates at University’s first Awards Ceremony in China.

The University of Hertfordshire Shanghai Alumni Chapter was set up in 2015. The Chapter now has three Alumni Ambassadors, over 250 members and has held 3 successful alumni events in the last year.

China has one of our fast growing alumni populations, with currently over 2,600 alumni. It continues to be one of the University’s key overseas markets, with our educational and business partnerships and networks growing from strength to strength.

Our alumni play a vital role in supporting prospective students coming from overseas to study with us and connecting alumni who have returned home. Our international students are encouraged to join their country’s Alumni Chapter to get involved in the programme of international alumni events, share their experience at Hertfordshire with prospective students and offer career advice and work placements to current students

In 2006, we have a global alumni network of 27,300 alumni from 180 countries.

More about Awards Ceremonies

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