Academic quality

The Academic Quality Assurance and Enhancement strategy of the University of Hertfordshire aims to ensure that the student experience is underpinned by effective and robust quality assurance processes, and processes to facilitate the enhancement of that experience.

It derives from the University's Strategic Plan which makes explicit the commitment of the institution to excellence in teaching and learning.

The internal quality assurance processes of the University are supported by the Centre for Academic Quality Assurance (CAQA).

The Centre for Academic Quality Assurance

The purpose of the Centre for Academic Quality Assurance (CAQA) is to safeguard the academic standards of the University's taught provision, achieve outstanding academic quality and promote quality enhancement activity to enrich the student learning experience.

Central to this purpose is a commitment to support the development and implementation of effective and robust policies, regulations and practices on quality assurance and enhancement. CAQA works with others across the University, by:

  • Guiding: developing, implementing and monitoring policies, regulations and practices, which satisfy national and international expectations for quality assurance and enhancement in higher education.
  • Supporting: providing expert advice and support in the management of academic standards and quality processes, promoting a culture of quality enhancement.
  • Connecting: engaging with others and facilitating a shared understanding of all matters relating to academic quality assurance and enhancement; contributing to national and international quality assurance agendas.

External review

The University and its programmes are subject to external scrutiny by the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) - the body responsible for overseeing the quality assurance of all Higher Education provision in the United Kingdom.

University programmes are also subject to review and accreditation by relevant Professional and Statutory Regulatory Bodies, including Ofsted, the Health Professions Council and the Solicitors Regulation Authority.

The University of Hertfordshire underwent Institutional Audit by QAA in 2004, Collaborative Provision Audit in 2006, and was audited again in 2009.

Findings of the audits were that broad confidence can be placed in:

  • the soundness of the University's management of the academic standards of all of its awards.
  • the capacity of the University to manage effectively the quality of the learning opportunities offered to its students.

'Broad confidence' is the highest finding a university can receive through the audit process.