Why give to the University of Hertfordshire?

A gift to the University will make a real and tangible difference today and far into the future. Whether you give time, expertise, or a regular donation, you can help us build a better world. Thank you.

Did you know?

In every aspect of life the University of Hertfordshire changes the world for the better. We educate the brightest minds, find solutions to global problems and drive economic development in the region and beyond.

  • We deliver miracles. Most babies born in Hertfordshire are delivered by a University of Hertfordshire educated midwife.
  • We are innovating. University of Hertfordshire volcanic dust sensors are helping the Met Office provide vital information on the safety of UK airspace.
  • We are pioneering. Ten per cent of all known planets were discovered by University of Hertfordshire astronomers.
  • We change lives. The University of Hertfordshire's interactive robot is helping autistic children improve their communication skills.
  • We save lives. Sixty qualified paramedics graduate from the University of Hertfordshire each year.

But we want to do more. Our sights are set even higher and we need your help to get there.

How your support will help

By supporting the University of Hertfordshire you will:

Create opportunity for talented people

Our students are the carers, creators and innovators of the future and it is crucial that we attract the very best.

Your donation could help:

Enable research that transforms people's lives

From medical breakthroughs in dementia to influencing policy on poverty in the developing world, research at the University improves, enriches and saves lives every day.

Your donation could help:

  • fund KASPAR, the robot with the potential to make a real difference to children with autism, and their families.
  • support various research projects on and off campus. Contact the Development Team for more information on our current areas of focus.

Support partnership with business

Our close links with business inspire innovation and prepare our students for successful careers after university.

Your donation could help:

  • support the Enterprise Fund to create opportunities for students and graduates who want to turn their brilliant business ideas into a reality.

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